Artist Career Consults

New York City Art Gallery Tours with Rafael RisembergWe provide consults for artists who want to exhibit in New York galleries, leading to gallery representation.

Artists know how to make art, but often have very erroneous ideas of how to make a living through their art. That is where we come in, using our vast knowledge of the ever-changing New York art scene, and our long-standing relationship with the hundreds of gallery owners and directors who take on new artists.

Our primary service is to inform artists exactly how gallery owners choose the artists that they represent. We also match artists with the New York galleries that would make the best fit, and where they stand the best chance of being represented. New York City is the world’s center for contemporary art, with 600 galleries. The numbers can be overwhelming — artists hardly know where to begin — but we know which galleries take on emerging artists, and the kind of art that each gallery shows. Our consults take place at our West Village office (or over the phone if necessary).

During the initial consult, our director will:

  • Review the artist’s portfolio – not a qualitative assessment, but a placement of the artist’s work in the context of the broader New York art scene
  • Explain in detail “the truth” of how artists actually get represented by galleries, as relayed by dozens of gallery owners
  • Present detailed, step-by-step plans to maximize the artist’s chances of developing a relationship with New York gallery owners, as specified by the owners themselves

Subsequent consultations, should the artist request them, can cover the following:

  • Provide a custom-made list of New York galleries that are the likeliest to show that artist’s work.
  • Help with creating and improving a resume, an artist’s statement, a website, and e-mailings to galleries
  • Referrals to art photographers and web designers
  • Studio visits for more complete feedback on the artist’s work and development
  • For untrained artists, advice on art schools that would benefit their career

Our fee is $300 for the first session, and $200 for each subsequent session, if needed. Some clients find that one consult is all they need to get them on track, making it the most cost-effective investment they have ever made.

E-mail us at with questions you have about our services, or to arrange a consult. Our job is to help artists succeed!

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